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Agriculture Law

Agriculture Law

Milne Pritchard Law Office has its roots in Southern Alberta. Starting out in Taber over 60 years ago, our firm has grown and is now located in downtown Lethbridge.  Agriculture law is has been a vital part of our practice for decades.

Our experienced team can help you with:

  • farmland and agribusiness transactions
  • farm financing
  • acquisitions and transfers of crop or produce quotas
  • structuring your farming operation
  • planning the transfer of your family farm to the next generation
  • operating agreements
  • farm leases
  • land use and subdivision
  • surface rights
  • water rights
  • annexation
  • dealing with farm debt

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Business Law

Business Law

It is extremely important that every business is structured properly so that its needs are fulfilled, and the liability of the owners is minimized.  At Milne Pritchard Law Office, we address our client’s day-to-day business needs whether that means providing routine corporate services, drafting contracts of all levels of complexity or advising on corporate governance issues.

At Milne Pritchard Law Office, we assist clients with:

  • selecting the appropriate business structure
  • incorporations and maintaining corporate records
  • shareholder agreements
  • partnership agreements
  • liquidation and dissolution
  • business restructuring
  • commercial lending and financing
  • commercial leases and real estate
  • purchase and sale of commercial assets
  • family business succession planning and transfers
  • purchase and sale of businesses
  • negotiating and drafting employment agreements
  • negotiating and drafting franchise agreements
  • corporate governance, directors liability and risk management

Business Law Legal Articles

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Commercial Litigation

At Milne Pritchard Law Office, we are committed to assisting our clients to achieve the best possible result in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  To do so, we aim to resolve commercial and financial disputes at the earliest stage possible.  When litigation is required, we act proactively and strategically, with consideration of your present and future personal, business and financial interests.

Areas that we provide commercial litigation services include:

  • contract disputes
  • debt collection and foreclosures
  • oppression actions
  • construction disputes and builders' lien claims
  • director, shareholder and partnership disputes
  • receiverships and secured asset realization
  • fraud
  • defamation and slander

Litigation Legal Articles

Debt Collection and Recovery

Debt Collection and Recovery

At Milne Pritchard Law Office, we practice in all areas of collections and security enforcement. We assist individuals, financial institutions and corporations in aspects of secured and unsecured creditor and debtor matters including recovery of property, realization on real property and the pursuit and recovery of outstanding accounts and bad debt.

We advise both debtors and creditors with respect to:

  • unsecured debt collections
  • secured debt collections
  • foreclosures
  • builders' lien claims
  • reviewing contract and security documents
  • registering security and advising as to rights of secured parties
  • fraudulent preferences and conveyances
  • seizures and garnishee proceedings
  • addressing and resolving priority disputes between creditors
  • debt realization

We would be happy to assist you in exploring your rights and options respecting security enforcement and collections.

Debt Collection and Recovery Legal Articles

Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructuring

Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructuring

Whether business or personal, situations involving insolvency and financial difficulty require knowledgeable and timely action. At Milne Pritchard Law Office, we have extensive experience acting for corporate and individual debtors, secured and unsecured creditors, as well as insolvency professionals such as trustees and receivers. We represent clients from simple collections and personal bankruptcy to complex restructuring under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructuring services that we provide include:

  • reviewing security, guarantees, assets and liabilities
  • priority disputes between creditors
  • informal, consensual workouts including forbearance agreements
  • restructurings, receiverships, liquidations and dissolutions
  • purchase and sale of distressed businesses and assets
  • director's liabilities
  • applications for discharge from bankruptcy, including high-income tax bankruptcies
  • student loan forgiveness applications
  • disposal of personal property
  • providing advice on Farm Debt Mediation

We work hard for our clients to make sure that their interests are strongly protected and that they achieve the best possible outcomes.

Bankruptcy Legal Articles

Bankruptcy Legal Update Spring 2018

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Tax Law


Milne Pritchard Law Office works closely with professional accountants to implement tax planning for our clients.

When a dispute arises regarding tax, we have represented individuals and corporations at all stages of the tax litigation process including negotiations with Canada Revenue Agency and appearances before the Tax Court of Canada and the Federal Court.

We have experience in:

Tax Planning
  • estate freezes
  • share structures and rollovers
  • charities

We work hard for our clients to make sure that their interests are strongly protected and that they achieve the best possible outcomes.

Tax Disputes
  • directors' liability assessments
  • non-arm's length transfer assessments
  • priority disputes between CRA and secured creditors involving deemed trusts (payroll source deductions and GST)
  • obtaining rectification orders to correct errors in transactions that resulted in unintended tax consequences
  • advising on audits
  • filing objections and appeals
  • negotiating with CRA auditors and appeals officers
  • voluntary disclosures to remedy tax compliance errors in past years
  • disputes concerning taxation of commercial transactions and agreements
  • disputes regarding taxation of industries targeted by CRA

Tax Legal Articles

Tax Dispute Legal Update Fall 2017

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Real Estate

Real Estate  

Helping clients buy and sell real estate is one of our most requested legal services.

At Milne Pritchard Law Office we provide professional guidance and advice on all matters relating to buying or selling a wide variety of real estate, such as:

  • Preparing contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate
  • Buying and selling residential, commercial, retail, industrial and agricultural assets
  • Reviewing real property reports and municipal compliance issues
  • Buying and selling condominiums
  • Financings and refinancings
  • Planning and developing residential, retail, commercial and industrial projects
  • Residential and commercial leasing

We are also able to prepare documents for clients who are buying or selling property in Alberta but are currently out of the province or country.

It is critical that you have someone with extensive knowledge of residential, commercial, and rural real estate law to assist you in these transactions. Our skill in negotiating, drafting and finalizing contracts and agreements is immensely valuable in the fast-paced real estate environment. Should issues arise, and litigation is required, we advocate to protect your interests.

Real Estate Legal Articles

Farm and Land Legal Update Fall 2017

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Farm and Land Legal Update Spring 2018

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Construction Law

Construction law is a diverse field which includes everything from real estate law, contract law, commercial law, builder’s liens and employment law– often simultaneously.

At Milne Pritchard Law Office we have experience in each and all of these fields and are therefore poised to provide experienced legal guidance on issues relating to Construction law and the various related legal matters.

We can assist you with the following:

  • Real estate and development contracts
  • Builders' liens
  • Delay and extra work issues
  • Performance bonds
  • Negligence and performance issues
  • Pursuing and defending Claims arising from construction
  • Recognizing special risk and liability issues

We work with both small and large construction clients- from owner-operated to more complex business structures with multiple shareholders. Let us help your construction business plan today for enduring success.

Construction Law Legal Articles

Wills & Estates Law

Wills & Estates Law

Skilled, pragmatic estate planning ensures that your wishes are respected and that your estate is dealt with according to your wishes after you pass on.

Whether you are working to plan your own estate or have been tasked with being the executor on a friend or family member’s estate, the experienced team of lawyers at Milne Pritchard Law Office can help guide you through the process. We understand and appreciate the intricacies of this area of law, especially in relation to the following:

  • The preparation of your will, power of attorney and personal directive
  • Issues relating to rights of survivorship
  • Tax-driven estate planning strategies
  • The intergenerational transfer of the family farm
  • Succession planning in relation to your business
  • Issues relating to blended families
  • Administration of estates, including applications for probate and post-probate support, reporting to beneficiaries, advice and direction respecting executor liability, asset management and asset distribution

The failure to properly plan your estate can end up costing the estate thousands of dollars in expenses or additional taxes. Let us help ensure your estate and legacy is protected.

If you or a loved one requires assistance in estate and succession planning, we would be pleased to help. We are always able to meet with our senior clients and can usually arrange out of office appointments for clients with mobility issues.

Wills and Estates Legal Articles

Estate Litigation

Estate Litigation

In cases where an estate is contested, we often act for executors, administrators, trustees, heirs, beneficiaries, and interested parties. Should disputes arise regarding an estate in which you have an interest, our estate litigation team has extensive experience respecting:

  • Contested wills and testamentary documents
  • Matrimonial and Dependent Adult claims
  • Trust claims
  • Issues arising from Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives
  • Issues that require the advice and direction of the Court
  • Asset recovery for persons who have suffered losses due to financial abuse or the improvident transfer of their assets;
  • The Law of fiduciary relationships and the pursuit of losses resulting from the breach of trust or breach of fiduciary duty.

Our team takes a thoughtful, individualized approach to assisting clients to navigate the complexities of estate litigation and would be pleased to assist you today.

Estate Litigation Legal Articles

Elder Law

Elder Law

Having extensive experience in elder law, we at Milne Pritchard Law Office handle a wide range of legal matters that impact older persons.

This includes issues related to:

This area of practice is uniquely devoted to protecting the rights and interests of seniors as they age. In recognition that this demographic may be increasingly vulnerable to various forms of abuse, including emotional, physical and financial, we are committed to counselling both older adults directly impacted as well as agents, attorneys, caregivers, family members, and friends who may become concerned with the welfare of a loved one.

When litigation is required to protect a vulnerable senior, we pursue these claims with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. If you or a loved one requires experienced advice regarding elder law issues, we would be pleased to help. We are always able to meet with our senior clients and can usually arrange out of office appointments for clients with mobility issues.

  • Elder abuse
  • Health care
  • Long term care planning
  • Guardianship and Trusteeship
  • Retirement
  • Old Age Security
  • Canada Pension
  • Private pensions
  • Preparing wills
  • Facilitating the administration of estates
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Personal Directives

Elder Law Legal Articles

Employment Law

Employment Law

Employment law deals primarily with contracts of employment, negotiation of terms, wrongful dismissal, and designing and implementing effective workplace policy and disciplinary protocols. Understanding your rights, responsibilities and options will allow you to operate your business efficiently and in accordance with Alberta legislation and the always evolving common law.

At Milne Pritchard Law Office we are experienced in helping both employees and employers protect their interests and obtain fair outcomes. We would be pleased to help you with the following:

  • Drafting or reviewing contracts of employment, including contractor, consultant, executive and management agreements
  • Drafting or reviewing severance agreements
  • Pursuing and defending wrongful dismissal actions
  • Assisting in implementing progressive discipline practices and other employment best practices and policies, including employee policy handbooks
  • Advising both employer and employee of rights under employment contracts, under legislation and at common law
  • Employment Litigation and interest-based negotiation
  • Assisting employers to resolve disputes with former employees who have breached confidentiality, non-solicitation and non-competition agreements to better protect proprietary information.

Employment law issues can be difficult to navigate given that it is an ever-evolving tapestry of statute and common law. Let us provide clarity and practical solutions for your employment law issues today.

Employment Law Legal Articles

Franchise Law

Franchise Law

Whether you are a franchise owner or are growing your business large enough to franchise out, Milne Pritchard Law Office can help to guide and protect your interests.

We have successfully helped many clients over the past few decades with situations falling into the category of Franchise law. As lawyers with a strong interest in Business law, this is an area of law in which we truly excel. We are experienced in the following areas of franchise law:

The importance of properly planning and executing your franchise vision cannot be understated. Penalties for failing to operate as a franchisor or as a franchisee in accordance with the law can be substantial, and most of these penalties are preventable provided you have sound advice and guidance.

  • Drafting and reviewing franchise agreements
  • Advising as to legislative compliance issues
  • Corporate finance
  • Drafting and reviewing disclosure documents
  • Employment issues
  • Contract negotiations

Franchise Law Legal Articles

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